Originally, these items were the "color" items, and people talked about being "color collectors" but, as always, with WallaBee, things got much more interesting, so "variants" is a better term. Right now, you can only save one item to your set, but that is due to change in version 2.0, when you will be able to save one of each variant or color and you might get a bonus of some sort for collecting all variants. The number saved won't matter, but probably a good idea to start socking up lower numbers as I'm sure ItemBrowser will have a metric of some sort for the variant collectors.

Here are the variants you can easily collect:

  • Keyring
    • 5 variants
    • Red, Blue, White, Green, Yellow
    • colors match the colors of the iPhone 5c release
  • Jouster
    • 4 variants
    • Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Champion of ye Joust
    • 4 variants
    • Red, Blue, Yellow, Green
    • color matches the jouster that won the battle. Might need to fight a few jousts to get them all
  • Jelly Beans
    • 7 variants
    • Yellow, Green, Orange, Pink, Blue, White, Red
    • flavors are lemon, grass, chicken tikka masala, raspberry vanilla, spearmint, buttered toast, strawberry jam
  • Easter Chicks
    • 14 variants
    • Too lazy to list - they match the 14 eggs in the Eggception set
    • Made by mixing the desired Chick Color with an Easter Hen
    • The Maroon egg has a unique name, inspired by Maroon 5
  • Totem
    • 6 variants
    • Biki, Miki, Riki, Siki, Anki, and (it's not Alki - what is it?)
    • Names and images are inspired by the 6 (at the time) Staff Members
    • As of January 2015, we should have 2 more Staff Members - will we get 2 more Totems? (Ben?)
  • Levitating Ball
    • 2 variants
    • Nikolai, Mandy
    • The Mandy variant wasn't available at the beginning, so the lowest number for that variants is in the 400s.
  • Pony Pal
    • 4 variants
    • HoneyBee
    • Wee Netty
    • Miss Mixie
    • MiuMiu
  • October
    • 4 variants
    • Nothing, Hat, Ghost, Hand
    • There are plenty of changes between the various items, but I picked the above names based on the most obvious changes (plus ones that are visible directly in your pouch)
  • Midnight Kiss
    • 3 variants
    • Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl, Boy-Boy

And the tougher variants:

  • Mystery Box WallaBee Unique
    • 3 variants
    • Gold; Black; Red, White & Blue
    • The different boxes were released in different number ranges. I'll try to find my notes and fill in the number ranges.
  • Moodbob Player Unique
    • 4 variants
    • Green, Purple, Yellow(?), Red(?)
    • Each variant has its own quote
  • Marbles Player Unique
    • 4 variants
    • Solid Blue, X Catseye, Y Catseye, Z Catseye

And the impossible variants

  • Theatre Tickets
    • 2 variants
    • Naughty, Nice
    • This was the test case prior to the first full release of variants. Currently only staff gets a Nice Ticket.
  • Share Certificate
    • 3 variants
    • Ben Dodson, Simon Wicks, Alan
    • Released when WallaBee was officially incorporated

When I have a bit more time, I will try to come back and add a bit more detail. For example: some variants have a different generic image than any of the collectable variants; some variants have different shadow shapes, so you can tell which item might be which by looking in a players pack, even if they are for sale.

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