Mysterious Note

This is the page to try to capture things done to unlock/solve/whatever the Mysterious Note in The Mighty Foragers set. Some of these ideas were inspired by the full community, but many of them were developed and hashed out extensively with mizak, mobijack, maroo268, and rhodychick. Much thanks to them for thinking WAAAY outside the box at times.

I expect that this will serve as documentation for my insanity hearings. Here is a rough list of things that have been tried. I have used shorthand - if you have any questions on an idea and want to pursue it further, just PM me for additional details.

  • Basic research of all stuff in letter - Forest Hills, Bushtucker, etc.
  • Anagrams of TROUGHCU
  • Anagrams of TROUGHCU plus some "triple" type word
  • Ciphers of TROUGHCU including ROT-1 through ROT-25, Atbash, Bifid, Playfair, Railfence
  • Discarded ciphers based on a tweet from @rob_rebooted
  • Lots of stuff around "rough cut" - diamonds, film
  • The number code 22222312 based on which letters are different in each line
  • Lots of speculation around TTTT (even though that was a previous description for auction set)
  • Lots of speculation around TTT (starting letters of each line of code)
  • Lots of speculation around 777 (cost of item = 21 days?)
  • Tried taking the first letter of each line, second letter, etc.
  • Tried taking every nth letter in the code
  • Tried taking every nth letter in the full letter
  • Tried taking the first letter in the first line, second letter in the second, etc.
  • Tried looking at all letters of a given font (capital, cursive, sans serif, etc)
  • Hidden images in the letter
  • Hidden images in the background
  • Alan used the word "fury" oddly
  • Item description said no one had it the morning of 1/19, but two people had it by that afternoon.
  • Examining all Forager items
  • Something to do with the Cameron Diamond (internet search)
  • Some Wallabee user (named TROUGHCU, etc)
  • Some twitter account (named TROUGHCU, etc)
  • Some Instagram account (named TROUGHCU, etc)
  • General internet search for TROUGHCU
  • Tried sounding out TROUGHCU (is "gh" sound like "f"? Does "c" sound like "s" or "k"?)
  • Some internet pages with likely names
  • IP addresses that match 22222312 (e.g.
  • Some page (searching google for
  • Search for hidden pages in a robots.txt file (found none)
  • Was told about (for Pyramids set) and blind guesses for a new page
  • Tennis set items (based on Forest Hills = U.S. Open)
  • Some item numbered 123 (e.g. Sidekick 123, Mysterious Note 123)
  • Some collection of items in a staff pouch
  • Tried posting on various item threads (Mandy Fury, Nemesis)
  • Random collection of Auction + Forager + Comic Book
  • It's a ransom letter, so something about Forager or Tennis Balls
  • Something about the odd description of the Superhero Downtime item
  • Looked for activity feed about a likely item
  • Looked for items that started with TROUGHCU
  • Looked for items that have exactly 8 letters
  • Looked for items that have characters in the same place as TROUGHCU (e.g. 2nd character is R)
  • Looked for a hidden forum post (only briefly scanned)
  • Looked for possible other authors of the note (besides nemesis)
  • Looked for other ways to slice apart the letter (every other capital, every 123th letter, …)
  • Looked at Alice set and Robin Hood set
  • More thinking on trough (for providing water to animals), including the Roman Aqueduct, and the Farmer's Barn
  • More thinking on copper (from cu)
  • Discussion about the Robin Hood Escape item and alternate pronunciations
  • More rebus thinking (cu = see before you)
  • Desperate attempt to try and searching for aboriginal languages (from bushtucker)
  • Things that can be rough cut = diamonds, gems, books, stamps?
  • Things that rhyme with clue: Canoe, Kangaroo, Didgideroo, 5 Pouch Creatures, Miu


  • Look for a forum post with hidden meaning
  • Look for anywhere in the game where TROUGHCU might appear (e.g. in a vertical line of horizonal lines of text)

Everything Alan has said in the item post:
1/17 8 PM
I can sense fury amongst you! :)

1/19 10 AM
It's not an early release. No one has figured
it out, or went and carried out the task that
is required. :) (emoji)

1/19 11:30 PM
2nd person just solved it…

1/19 11:35 PM
Once we get to 5 people solving it, the
next item will go out. Suppose it's only

1/22 11:30 PM
You want a clue?
(unhelpful video link)

1/22 11:32 PM
I sense your frustration too
I want to help you
Maybe it is time for clues

1/22 11:40
Why does anyone want clues? I am
thinking that we're helpful to everyone
who's posted
here.Let's try again tomorrow.

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