Killer Whale

Name: Killer Whale
Description: Looks like Wallamu is having a whale of a time! He needs some music before he makes his entrance into the arena though…
Item Type: 250
First made: 19 Jul 2013 21:05:17 (see note below)

Set Class: One set
Mix Light: Unhelpful (Nitro Blazer + Galactic Exterminator turn on the light)
Recipe Summary: One of each ride, plus a fast pass for each

Last recipe card: Excursion Everest
Last recipe Item Type: 815
Last recipe card issued: 19 Jul 2013 20:10:12 UTC
Time to create: 55 minutes
Time of first hint: 19 Jul 2013 20:41 UTC
Time from first hint: 24 minutes
Method of first hint: Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Blog, Pony Express

Top Items:

  1. currently held by Laura, originally owned by Alan(?), first traded to Eric, (not a megamix, see note below)
  2. used to mix Wallamu Arena #2 by JoshW
  3. currently held by ct, made by ct
  4. locked by pinedmort, made by JaysUsername
  5. locked at 10 Downing Street, made by colin
  6. currently held by targeteer2k, made by targeteer2k
  7. currently held by mert, traded from angi
  8. used to mix Wallamu Arena #4, made by Fellbande
  9. currently held by die_kurze, made by die_kurze

Known Public Hints:

Freeform History:

  • This is a stub entry

Other Interesting Facts:

  • The last card required was a recipe card (Nitro Blazer + Galactic Exterminator) which didn't seem to slow down creation too much. This mix was limited by the number of fast pass tickets required.
  • Fast pass tickets became foragable soon after the mix, but were hard to find.
  • The #1 Killer Whale was released over 13 months earlier on 03 Jun 2012 11:36:21, but was not a part of a megamix
  • Since the #1 Killer Whale had already been released, there was no "boing" or twitter notifications on the creation of the #2

Open Questions:

  • How easily forageable were Fast Pass Tickets at the time?
  • If you completed the set, was it much harder to forage Fast Pass Tickets? (There is an enhanced forage algorithm now - not sure if it was in place back then)
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