Item Arcana

There's a lot of history around some of the items. Here's a running collection of what I've heard. Please, please, please…if you know more stories, let me know!

  • Flashlight - this is usually the cheapest item in the market at 42 hc. When the Alice set was released, there was lots of speculation around a Megamix. Alice's clothing implies something to do with A Night in The Forest Set. Flashlight price was dropped to 42 hc in the Store as a red herring.
  • Snowflake - In 2013, people started recycling these items to "make it snow" when they reappeared more commonly in the stores. The price was dropped to 25 hc for the season. This happened again in 2014, making it temporarily lowest priced item
  • Greedy Kid - The recipe of 2X Chocolate Bars to make a Greedy Kid was one of the only time that a recipe was added after an item was released. This was due to a glitch that over released Chocolate Bars (this needs verification - it was this and not Golden Ticket, right? It's discussed in one of the webcasts)
  • Midnight Kiss - This is one of the rare items that a recipe was added after an item was released. However, it was clearly forecast in the forums and if you tried the mix early (but not immediately after release) you got an error message on the mix letting you know you had to wait for midnight.
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