Failed Mixes

Normally when a mix doesn't work, you just get a generic error message. But sometimes, you get something special. Try the following mixes - your items won't be destroyed, but you'll get something for your efforts

  • Aftershave + most any masculine person/animal
  • Perfume + most any female person/animal
  • Enchanted Hat + Transfiguration Professor
    • First time will sort you into a Wolwocks House. Second time will remind you of your house and let you know your sorting order (sorting order are by year group, so if you weren't around last year, you'll get a number in the new class)
  • Most anything in the Murder Most Horrid set + another item in Murder Most Horrid set
  • The Great Detective with most anything in the Murder Most Horrid set
    • OK, I said things the above things won't mix. DO NOT TRY TO MIX Great Detective and Victim until you are ready, because they will mix. I speak from experience here. If you are trying out the "error messages", drop any victims from your pouch before trying. Don't say I didn't warn you.
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