Easter Box

Name: Easter Box
Description: Wow, this Easter box has got enough tape on it to last a year! We hope there isn't a rabbit inside…
Item Type: 664
First made: 30 Mar 2013 22:38:16 UTC

Set Class: One set
Mix Light: Unhelpful
Recipe Summary: The entire set

Last recipe card: Maroon Egg
Last recipe Item Type: 165
Last recipe card issued: 08 Apr 2012 14:46:43 UTC
Time to create: ** 356 days, 7 hours, 52 minutes**
Time of first hint: N/A - it appears the "official" hint was after the first mix
Time to first hint: N/A
Method of first hint: Twitter

Top Items:

  1. made by and currently held by mobijack
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  3. made by and currently held by ct
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  8. currently held by a hidden user
  9. traded for and currently held by JaysUserName

Known Public Hints:

Freeform History:

  • This is a stub entry

Other Interesting Facts:

  • There is speculation that the Easter Boxes will open after a year, and have something similar to Mystery Boxes inside
  • Per Ben "That 14 item mix has been available for a while - just nobody noticed ;)"
  • When you initially tried to save it to a set, it said "It's moving, better just leave it in pouch"
  • Per Ben "It does say there is enough tape to last a year. Let's just say there are many plans for this item, so you'll want to make sure you have one "mwhahahahah"
  • Two early tweets that raised interest in Easter Eggs, but isn't quite a full hint
  • It's nearly Easter, but do you know how many items we have with eggs in them? First correct answer gets 20000hc! (one entry per person) https://twitter.com/wallabeeapp/status/318016620314382339 15:07 - 30 Mar 2013

*@VirgoMommy @pagsf that one was mentioned by @britishredcoat initially but we aren't counting the unique items (you'll see why soon) https://twitter.com/wallabeeapp/status/318023829026906114 15:36 - 30 Mar 2013

Open Questions:

  • Ben has said that all Megamixes were possible at the moment that all the ingredients were available. It's not clear how long this Megamix was available, but Ben said it was quite a long time. There is some speculation that Megamixes were only possible after an update to the app.
  • Ben added a comment to the #1 activity - "Read the description on the 'Unbranded Puzzle Cube' item ;)" - it's unclear if this was before or after the Solved Puzzle Cube gob mixed.
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