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This is still very much a work in progress, please contact me (SkipOkane in the WallaBee app) if you'd like to help add content. Generally, the idea is to document all of the Megamixes to help reveal any patterns, document tried efforts, and generally aid in the capture of these elusive beasts.

Looking for the lists of non-Megamix stuff? They've moved. Head over here:

Eventually, there will be a link for every known, and most suspected, Megamixes, along with other generally helpful information.

Coming Soon:
(in order of release of the Megamix, not of the first item)

  • Wallamu Arena (only 2 items mixed, but one is a Megamix itself)
  • Hadavale
  • Broken Game
  • Great Detective
  • Who's That Girl? (only 2 items mixed, but one is a Megamix itself)
  • Belsnickel
  • Bottle Rocket
  • Appointment Card
  • 2 Year Celebration
  • Snowball Fight
  • Super Burger
  • Ladies of WallaBee 2015

Unique Mixes (only 2 items mixed, with at least one item from a set)

  • Labliss
  • Cousin Roman (actually 3 items for this one)
  • WallaBee
  • Invisible Item
  • WallaBee Player
  • Aquatic Initiation
  • Independence Day
  • Superhero Downtime
  • Inbox Full
  • WallaRaptor Training
  • Nigh Cat
  • Wallakazam Mustache

Non-Standard Items (debatably Megamixes)
(some of these are weak, but the idea is to document all items that do not follow this rule: a set item created by destroying exactly two other set items. Note that I am only including WallaBee issued items in this list)

  • Rudolph (not a "true" Megamix because it's not a Unique and you need it to complete the set)
  • Easter Hen (requires a Unique but ends up being a Set item)
  • Easter Chick (mixes a current Set item with a previous Set item)
  • Snowball Fight (Winter Wonderland Set) (mixes a current Set item with a previous Set item)

Also, the full Valentine's Set

  • Sasquatch Jurassica Parka
  • Bearded Date
  • Royal Couple
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Crime Scene Romance
  • Chocolate Lovers
  • Highland Tour
  • She's Dating Him?


  • WallaBee Mixer (you can sometimes get one of these out of a mix, but this is weak - you can get ANY item out of a mix)
  • Christmas Mixer (you can sometimes get one of these out of a mix, but this is weak - you can get ANY item out of a mix)

Some other oddities

  • 100c Coin - you can get this by mixing 4 x 25c (or 2 x 25c + 50c) and you'll be gifted a 100c Coin
  • Alice - you can keep mixing from Alice to Giant Alice to Alice to Tiny Alice, etc
  • Levitating Ball - there are two different recipes to make this item.
  • Key Ring - you'll get a random color when you perform the mix
  • Jouster (one survives the mix)
  • Champion of ye Joust (does not destroy both mix items)

Some of the suspected historic Megamixes

  • Jabberwocky
  • Alice Superset
  • Pyramids Reference Set
  • We Had Something For This

Mysterious Note: It wasn't a Megamix, but it was probably one of the most fiendish puzzles the game has presented. Here is some of the history of clues given and stuff tried. I haven't written up the final solution yet, but you can still look that up in the Item Description. The stuff listed here came from all over the forum, PMs, GroupMe chats, and Twitter. I am pretty sure a couple players actually went insane. I think they're better now. I think.

As of 11/24/15 4 PM (GMT) Rob replied "I don't think so" to the question of more undiscovered Megamixes (after saying "yes" just before that for the Wallakazam Mustache) As of 12/27/14 9 AM (GMT) there are no outstanding Megamixes, per a forum post from Ben. Of course, any newly released items after that could trigger a Megamix with any older items, so there could still be, say, an Alice Megamix. Or anything. Expect the unexpected! Have fun!

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